What to Look for When Buying Climbing Pants

hey this is Tristan from daily climbing
tips calm and I wanted to show you
really quick three different climbing
pants that I wear and the pros and cons
of each one first of all I guess the
question is do you really need specific
pants for climbing and of course the
answer is no he can climb in jeans you
can climb in whatever you want but if
you are interested in buying pants
specifically for climbing here are three
options for you and three things to
watch out for so here we've got a pair
market Eric's pants these are my
favorite pants there the fabric is
really light I think it's a nylon
polyester blend and see here ninety-four
percent nylon 6% lycra spandex so super
lightweight fabric very cool keeps you
you see cool on a warm day
I like the cargo pockets on these pants
the problem is that they don't have a
zipper pocket or even a button or velcro
pocket here so whatever is in the cargo
pockets isn't secured really well
another thing that I like about these
pants is that they fit really well
they're not too baggy there's not a lot
of excess fabric on them here we've got
a pair of North Face pants and these are
100% nylon these are a little bit baggy
here the cargo pockets do secure they
got velcro here a little bit baggy ER
though I don't like them quite as much
as the Arc'teryx ones the good thing
about these pants is that they have a
drawstring closure system on them so if
they're if the fit isn't perfect you can
still get them pretty tight and make
sure they fit you and your harness isn't
pulling them down or anything like that
and while these first two pants are
pretty thin this third pair of pants
from Mountain Hardwear it's a bit
thicker it's a shoulder fabric and it's
pretty water resistant not quite
waterproof my favorite thing about these
pants is that the rear pockets are
zippered so when I go climbing I carry
my car key in
these pockets and that's about it those
are a few things to watch out for when
you're buying climbing pants again of
course you don't have to have specific
pants for climbing but if you do these
are just some things to watch out for so
again this is Tristan from Davey
climbing tips calm and thanks for